Helping Hands Ministry


The Helping Hands Ministry at Santa Claus UMC helps senior members of the church with various things they are no longer able to do. These areas range from driving, to house repairs, to car repairs, to finances, to just going and socializing with one of them for a while.



The Transportation Branch of this ministry provides rides to the grocery store, church, airport and doctor’s appointments among other places.


Auto/ Home Repair:

The Auto/ Home Repair branch of this ministry helps with home and auto maintenance. Home maintenance could include tasks like plumbing, deck repair, painting, removal of trees and shrubs, yard work and cleaning gutters. Auto repairs is likely to include things like checking tires, checking and/or changing oil and changing windshield wipers. This branch could also mean referring them to trusted contractors or auto shops if needed. A leader is needed for this branch of the ministry.



The Finances Branch of this ministry helps with budgeting, investments, balancing of their checkbook and questions concerning contracts and wills.



The Visitation Branch of this ministry could include delivering CDs of worship recordings to shut-ins, socializing and reading devotions.


Health Care:

The Health Care Branch of this ministry could include providing doctor referrals, helping check blood pressure, answering questions about prescriptions and providing advice on various symptoms.


If you are interested in being a part of any branch of this ministry,

please contact Shannon Collins at

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