Helping Hands Ministry

Helping Hands Ministry

The Helping Hands Ministry at Santa Claus UMC helps senior members of the church with various things they are no longer able to do. These areas include transportation, auto and home repairs, finance, visitation and health care. People involved in the ministry help do things like car and auto repair but they also go and socialize with them for a while.

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If you are interested in getting involved with this ministry, please contact Shannon Collins.

Transportation and Visitation

In this ministry, individuals provide transportation to those in need, visit the sick who are home-bound, in the nursing home, or in the hospital. They also deliver CDs of the morning church worship service to those who are unable to attend church. Serving in this ministry allows you to be a representative of the church, offering a listening ear and prayer as you visit.

If you are interested in getting involved in this branch, please feel free to contact Ron Fuhrman.