Tech Teams

Technology Ministry – Do you enjoy helping the church update itself into some of the latest and greatest hardware and software platforms of the 21st Century?  Do you have ideas that could benefit and help streamline the technology of the church?  This team might be right for you!  Chaired by Matt Taylor, our Technology Ministry oversees the installation and maintenance of all of the tech used around the building.  For more information, contact Matt.


Worship Tech Team (Standard Services) – “Hey, Jay, could you adjust the gain on the violin?”, “Hey Adam, would you boost some of the low frequencies on the bass guitar’s EQ?” – If you understand (or want to learn) what these two questions mean, then serving on this team could fir your spiritual gifts!  All of the audio and video that you hear and see during a Sunday morning worship service is executed by these fine techs.  We are always looking for primary members or alternate members to serve once a month, or as needed.  If you’d like more information, please reach out to Jay Porter.