Halloween Fun at Yellig Park

On October 28th SCUMC is partnering with Santa Claus Parks and Rec to bring a Halloween celebration to Yellig Park!

The fun begins at 1:00 with a costume contest and games; then the sweet  fun begins with Trick-or-Treating at 2:30!

Our very own Richard Boyd is the new Director for Parks & Rec,
and he has asked that we consider being his Halloween Henchmen by volunteering to run some of the games and inflatables.
If this is something that you or your high schooler would love to do, give him a shout at santapark@psci.net or (502) 468-9562.

Kids hyped on sugar aren’t your thing? That’s cool!  You can still help!
Bags of assorted, pre-wrapped candy is always appreciated.

Not to mention the NEED FOR GENERATORS!

If you have a generator that will keep a bouncy house up, then we would really appreciate you loaning it out for the afternoon.
Richard is the man to talk to about that too!
Let’s show our support, SCUMC!