Starting this Sunday, March 15, join us for our new worship service times: Grounded (blended worship) at 9:00 AM and Rooted (contemporary worship) at 10:15 AM. All times Central.

7:45  Praise Team Rehearsal
  • Combined team with both youth and older adults
  • Four songs prepared
    • Three current contemporary songs
    • One song from a wider range of choices
  • Allows different music each week rather than the current two-week repeat cycle

9:00 Grounded Service
  • Senior Pastor preaching, primarily
  • Blended/traditional worship music
    • Two of the current contemporary songs from above
    • Third song can be a hymn or classic Christian contemporary
  • Includes treasured traditions

10:15 Rooted Service
  • Primarily youth-led, with multi-generational participation
  • Current contemporary music selections
  • Incorporates senior pastor, communion and church-wide missions elements

Flexible Sunday School Schedule
  • Children’s Worship will meet at 9:00 hour with children’s activity during 10:15 hour
  • Nursery (birth to 3 years) available all morning
  • Adult Sunday School groups may meet at any time of the morning or even on alternate days